Digitalization Project

Shortly after the new system was adopted by Vilakone, its use was expanded according to plan to Wihuri Oy Technical Trade as part of a Group-wide digitalisation project. Following Vilakone’s expansion to the Russian market, the rollout of the project was carried out also for that operation.

New challenges arose when the technical wholesale business was added to the ERP system. As Vilakone focuses on the manufacture of machinery and their accessories, the company’s own production and its management are central to enterprise resource planning. In turn, Wihuri Oy Technical Trade focuses on wholesale, maintenance and aftersales service. In collaboration with Wihuri, Bilot designed new functions to streamline maintenance and sales processes, for example.

One concrete example is the change in invoicing. Previously, customers’ invoices had to be entered separately in the operator’s extranet, but this was changed to allow invoices to be generated directly in the SAP system. Automating manual processes frees up resources for continuous business development.